How does it work?


1) Schedule your visit by clicking the “request an appointment” button and follow the prompts to book a convenient time.

2) Sign the Consents emailed to you.

3) Sit back and relax, a provider will come to your home to complete an assessment and treatment.

What ages do we treat?

We treat children, from infant to 21 years of age, for your urgent care needs. We currently do not treat for chronic illnesses at this time, nor do we provide prescriptions for controlled substances (i.e.medications for pain or ADHD). Please see about us for acute issues we are able to treat.

What is a Web Visit or televisit?

Telemedicine is becoming utilized to reach more patients in remote areas and offer convenience for common illnesses. We offer this as alternative for house calls where appropriate. It’s easy and convenient. please ask the provider if additional questions.

What is the fee?

-We  DO NOT accept insurance plans.

-Our visit is $150, plus the costs of testing (see booking site).

-We are happy to provide a detailed receipt for you to apply for a reimbursement directly from insurance.

Does Mom’s Choice Mobile Healthcare accept insurance?

We are no longer accepting insurance due to the low reimbursements and high cost of billing.

What if I am having a true emergency?

Please go to your nearest hospital. If you are having a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

What kind of testing is done in the home?

We can test for Flu, Strep, RSV, and now COVID-19 right in the home. Results will be complete and ready in under 20 minutes where possible.

Does Mom’s Choice Mobile Healthcare perform labs?

We are excited to partner with MAGNOLIA DIAGNOSTICS and LabCorp for any testing that is needed to treat beyond what we can provide in the home. This includes throat cultures, urinary tract cultures, and respiratory panels. There may be a separate lab fee depending on test performed..

How does Covid-19/Antibody testing work?

For the safety of each patient and provider, we will perform these test at the door. We may not enter the home for infection control. We will be properly donned in protective equipment may which include mask, face shield, gloves and gown/lap coat.

What COVID-19 tests we offer:

Rapid COVID-19 antigen testing with results under 15 minutes, convenience fee applies to each test performed, convenience applies to each test we perform.

Lab PCR COVID-19 testing with results typically available within 24 hours-48 hours. a convenience fee applies to each nasal swab performed. test is sent to outside lab (separately lab fee may apply, but typically should be covered 100%).

PCR COVID-19 self test. we perform a tele visit to assess need, magnolia lab will deliver a test kit, you swab your nose and courier will deliver it back to the lab. there is no convenience fee associated with this since we are not coming to your home and ordering everything remotely.

Rapid COVID-19 antibody test. this test involves pricking the finger to determine if you have antibodies from a previous infection. there is a convenience fee for each test we perform.

Still have more questions, contact us and we will be in touch soon!