Melissa G.
Submitted 04/21/22
Prompt, friendly, kind and caring! Our son felt so relaxed and comfortable- no fuss for his check up or Covid test! Thanks Stephanie and Mom‘s Choice!

Elliott B.
Submitted 04/11/22
Amazing. Caring. Convenient. Thorough.

Finley J.
Submitted 04/01/22

Lisa G.
Submitted 04/01/22
Mom’s Choice Health Care provides first-class service. Ashley Luck, CPNP is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. We are so grateful.

Lucia L.
Submitted 03/24/22
Ashley was wonderful! She was very kind and professional.

Christopher H.
Submitted 03/21/22
Ms. Luck is my favorite. I saw her yesterday. She listens to me, I can tell she cares about me, and I feel good after seeing her even though I am sick because she is so nice. -Christopher, 14

Sloan R.
Submitted 03/06/22
Kind, responsive and thoughtful

Manuel L.
Submitted 03/01/22
She’s fabulous! Worked well with my nervous kiddos. She was able to answer my questions.

Dudley P.
Submitted 02/07/22
Your team made feel comfortable.

Chandler H.
Submitted 02/04/22
Excellent service

Anna S.
Submitted 01/31/22
Always on time and reliable. Love Stephanie and this service.

Stella S.
Submitted 01/26/22
Stephanie is kind, thoughtful and thorough! She is wonderful!

Morgan C.
Submitted 01/24/22
So great!

Parker C.
Submitted 01/24/22
Wonderful! Will use again!

Carol L.
Submitted 01/23/22
I found everyone to be very friendly, knowledgable and willing to help.

Sandeep M.
Submitted 01/18/22
Very professional and courteous.

Nadim W.
Submitted 01/17/22
So convenient, affordable, and friendly and helpful!!

Greyson D.
Submitted 01/17/22
Nurse Ashley was AMAZING! So helpful in answering questions, providing guidance and was always very responsive. And, always on time! Thanks so much, Nurse Ashley!!!

Susan M.
Submitted 01/14/22
Outstanding professional, kind!!!!

Rebecca S.
Submitted 01/13/22
Very easy

Mary S.
Submitted 01/13/22
We appreciate that Ashley communicates when she will arrive to our home. She is kind, empathetic and thorough. Would highly recommend!

Roohi N.
Submitted 01/12/22
Easy fast and awesome

Lucas D.
Submitted 01/11/22
Ashley was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend her to our friends and family.

Vivienne B.
Submitted 01/10/22
Exceptional care!!

Cindy D.
Submitted 01/07/22
Ashley came to our home and was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely nice. Everyone I have interacted with at Mom’s Mobile has been amazing! Thanks for everything and I know you are all working overtime to take care of your patients!

Cindy D.
Submitted 01/07/22
Stephanie is the absolute best! She is so responsive, caring, and knowledgeable. I 100% recommend Mom’s Mobile!

Elizabeth J.
Submitted 01/06/22
Professional care, timely, convenient, overall awesome service!

Dena H.
Submitted 01/05/22
Ashley was right on time and so sweet and efficient! I would totally recommend her!!

Kristen C.
Submitted 01/04/22
My experience with Stephanie was excellent. She provide superior care in the convenience of my home. I will definitely use her again in the future.

Joseph M.
Submitted 12/28/21
Stephanie went above and beyond and was a huge blessing to us. So professional, helpful, kind and compassionate. We cannot say enough good things about our experience!

Carol A.
Submitted 12/23/21
Ashley was very professional and prompt!

Marie Q.
Submitted 12/20/21
Very professional

Corby V.
Submitted 12/20/21
Could not have asked for a better first time visit. I will most definitely call her again!! Ashley is very impressive!!!!

Jay V.
Submitted 12/20/21
Ashley is personable and very knowledgeable.. will def use her again! Fantastic!!

Charles R.
Submitted 12/20/21
Ashley is awesome and really helped us out with her professionalism, timeliness, and kind approach!

Angela B.
Submitted 12/18/21
We love the attention and personal care given by Mom’s Choice Mobile Healthcare! Ashley and Stephanie are fabulous. A+++++

Ella Reece J.
Submitted 12/16/21
Without a doubt, this service has completely changed our lives! We love nurse Ashley so much and consider it a great blessing to have found out about her. The ability to not have to leave the house with a sick child, especially when you have other children, is. Serious game changer!! Thank you for all that you do—we are singing your praises to everyone!

Charley W.
Submitted 12/14/21
My kids absolutely LOVE Miss Stephanie! She is so patient with them, and me and all of my questions! Mobile healthcare is a Godsend when you have two sick toddlers and have no interest in leaving your home! Best thing since sliced bread!!

Blake M.
Submitted 12/12/21
She is so great with our babies and knowledgeable! Can’t say enough good things about Ms. Ashley!

Austin E.
Submitted 12/10/21
Dr. Luck was so helpful in treating my daughter and making her feel at ease. We appreciated her professionalism and friendliness.

Monica W.
Submitted 12/09/21
Ashley is incredible, all the time! She not only.provides great Healthcare but was incredibly empathetic and comforting and caring!

Sabrina M.
Submitted 12/07/21
As always Stephanie was quick to assess the situation & I’ve been following her treatment plan and I’m feeling much better!

Brooke P.
Submitted 12/07/21
Ashley is the best, very caring and knowledgeable plus wonderful with the kids and adults

Paul P.
Submitted 12/05/21
Very prompt Very friendly Very professional

Sharon J.
Submitted 12/02/21
Fantastic service!!!

Abigail B.
Submitted 11/30/21
Ashley was amazing!!!!

Sutton D.
Submitted 11/24/21
Ashley is wonderful and both of my kids love her. Having the ability to have my kids checked out at home when they are sick has been extremely helpful!

Isabelle W.
Submitted 11/23/21
Stephanie is amazing, always! Thorough, efficient, caring & responsive!

Benjamin B.
Submitted 11/17/21
Ashley was so great with our 1.5 year-old and helped him with his ear infection!

Alyssa G.
Submitted 10/18/21
So glad I found out about this service. Was able to keep my sick toddler comfortable at home instead of bringing her to a crowded drs office. Ashley S. was so sweet with my little girl and gave us the info we needed to get her feeling herself again.

Sarose Y.
Submitted 10/14/21
Very convenient she was efficient and helpful

Jennifer L.
Submitted 10/14/21
Stephanie was excellent!!! Such a great innovative concept for healthcare!!! I will be using this team next time we are under the weather!!

Sydney V.
Submitted 10/12/21
She was able to see us very quickly and answered all of our questions! So grateful, will definitely call again!

Elise M.
Submitted 09/26/21
Nurse Stephanie was so kind, personable and helpful. She quickly put us at ease and took care of my dad. She was punctual and communicated throughout her travels and service even while she had a tire blowout. A few days later she texted to check on him. I will definitely be calling her again! So will my family and friends since I have told them all about her!

Jennifer D.
Submitted 08/12/21
Amazing! So very helpful, knowledgeable, and personable.

Delvin D.
Submitted 08/11/21
Fast , convenience, and I got my results under an hour. I love that I didn’t have to even leave my house.

Corey H.
Submitted 08/10/21
Quick , easy , and what I needed

Brooklyn H.
Submitted 08/09/21
This exceeded my expectations! I’ve heard about this group for over a year from a friend and finally used it today! Ashley S was wonderful and so helpful. We will def be calling again! Thank you so much!

Sarah D.
Submitted 08/08/21
Don’t hesitate to use this service if you or a loved one is sick! Ashley S came over and treated my toddler like she would her own. She’s so kind and gentle. She even found us a 24 hour pharmacy so we could fill an Rx late at night!

Tracy H.
Submitted 08/07/21
Prompt and excellent care.

Mirabor O.
Submitted 08/06/21
You’re always there in a pinch with compassionate, tailored, familiar care. You’re always our go to whenever anything happens and thanks for being part of our village.

Stacy F.
Submitted 07/13/21
Ashley S. is our favorite provider. We always feel confident in her assessment and treatment she prescribes. She is professional and efficient and really knows pediatric care. I would recommend her to anyone looking for good quality at home healthcare.

Kimberley H.
Submitted 07/07/21
We have been so blessed by the care from Ashley L and Stephanie. They are so kind and warm with my twins, and they make the process so quick and easy. They answer all of my questions and even did strep tests without tears!

Rolanda P.
Submitted 07/01/21
Love this service and the convenience of the provider coming to your home! I was so fortunate to get Ashley Luck as our provider. She was so kind, helpful, efficient, professional and very knowledgeable. She set my sons nerves to ease with her sweet bedside manner. He feels so much better now and back to swimming and playing. Thank you Ashley and Mom’s Choice!!!